The Information Fusion Centre (IFC)

The Information Fusion Centre (IFC), based in Singapore, serves as the regional Maritime Security (MARSEC) information-sharing hub covering most of the Indo-Pacific region. With an integrated team comprising International Liaison Officers (ILOs) from more than 19 navies and coast guard; and personnel from the Republic of Singapore Navy (RSN), the IFC facilitates MARSEC information sharing and collaboration between its partners to cue operational responses. Its linkages with more than 90 Operational Centres (OPCENs) from navies, enforcement and maritime agencies in more than 40 countries, as well as linkages with the shipping industry, provide IFC with maritime situational awareness and enables collaboration beyond its Area of Interest.

The IFC collates and analyses MARSEC information to produce accurate, timely and actionable products, which enables its partners to respond to MARSEC incidents in good time. These products provide practical and useful information on MARSEC trends, incidents and best practices to the shipping industry. IFC also administers the Voluntary Community Reporting (VCR) for merchant vessels to report anomalies and incidents to ensure Safe and Secure Seas for All.



Telephone: +65 9626 8965 (hotline), +65 6594 5728 (office)


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